Lietuviškos pirties bičiulių draugija (Lithuanian pirtis friends society) on the basis of the project „Gera pirtis“ (good sauna) visited Raudonkalnis and gave „a very good pirtis“ rating.

At the „Raudonkalnis“ farm you can try the traditional Lithuanian sauna, which has been called „white pirtis“ from time immemorial. In the sauna, the temperature is always enjoyable, the incoming steam makes you feel a pleasant pleasure. And if you lack the steam, you can try the Turkish steam bath, where four or five people in a room can enjoy the pleasant warmth together. You can also try the ancient sitting sauna. Women prefer this bath, but it’s also great for men. The homestead also has a tub offering spa treatments with herbs, salt, soda or hydrosol. This is not ordinary sitting in a hot tub but a great way to breathe in natural herbal aromas while improving your wellbeing.

The owners of Raudonkalnis, professional sauna masters Daiva and Aurimas Veseckai, offer, among other treatments, body scrub, sauna birching (vanojimas) using bath brooms (vantos), which heats the body so that you have a great desire to refresh under the cold shower or dive into the pond. You will also be able to enjoy the natural flavors of various plants and relax with the sounds of the Tibetan bowl and the rain stick. Here you will always be treated hospitably with herbal tea made from plants grown on the farm. In the „Raudonkalnis“ sauna you can try educational bath programs and individual treatments.

Film crew of the program „Vantos lapas“(bath broom) visited our sauna. We received great reviews and nice comments. The program moderator Saulius decorated the steam room door with a symbolic bath broom. During the filming, we shared our knowledge with the viewers of the program. We also invite you to watch the programs.

"Raudonkalnis" sauna rules

1. You enter sauna only when the master invites you. We all go in together leaving the slippers at the door. 
2. The master leads the sauna process together with the assistants, only they are allowed to pour the water on the stones. In sauna you should behave respectfully. 
3. You are allowed to leave the sauna at any time. But the return is only allowed on another joint entry. 
4. When leaving the sauna cover your body with a towel. We all go to the pond together. 
5. It is forbidden to drink strong alcoholic beverages in sauna. The master may send away disobedient visitors from the sauna. 
6. Every visitor confirms that they are responsible for their own health. 
7. Be respectfull to one another and do not make loud noises in sauna. 
8. You must not turn on, turn off, or reprogram the wall mounted control unit in the vestibule. 
9. If you have any questions or problems, call your hosts: Tel. +370 614 47957.

Do not forget to bring the following things to the sauna:

Two-three towels (for covering and wiping), bathrobe, hat for sauna, slippers, light snacks or fruits and good mood. 🙂 

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