Sauna Programs

In Raudonkalnis pirtis you can take part in educational programs organized by the owners of the farmstead Daiva and Aurimas Veseckai.

At the moment we offer the following programs:

Pirtis program „Refreshment for the body and soul“

Dive into the traditions of pirtis, sea of relaxing sounds and natural plant aromas while you are having a massaging birching, enjoying a full body scrub with salt, and a face mask.

Educational Program „Introduction to Lithuanian sauna“

In this program you will get acquainted with the different plants used to make bath brooms and learn to control the flow of steam. You will also try out plant aromas and learn how to use salt and honey in the sauna.

Educational program „Music in the sauna“

The program starts with the „first steam“ ritual, followed by a salt scrub. Atmospheric music will accompany the procedure. You will have the chance to listen and try out kalimba, rainstick, thunder drum, Tibetan singing bowls, gong and the taal.

Educational program for ouples „Be together“

During this program you will expereince the „first steam“ ritual, warm your feet in a herbal bath while enjoying a cup of herbal tea. You also will be able to indulge in aroma and music therapy and be given a body scrub and mask.

Education program „Forest scrub“

In this the program you will participate in „first steam“ ritual. You will receive a body scrub with salt also enjoy the plant flavors and sink into a magical world of sounds. We will complete the program by rubbing your body with vanta(bath brooms) and doing soap foam massage.

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