Rural bathhouse „Raudonkalnis“ rents a Lithuanian sauna, steam (Turkish) sauna, a hottub, bathhouse services, spa treatments. The owners of the homestead Daiva and Aurimas Veseckai are lovers and promoters of the Lithuanian pirtis. They are actively involved in the activities of Lietuviškos pirties bičiulių society.

In the cozy village of Raudonkalnis, next to the pond, surrounded by magnificent linden and oak trees, pleasures can be enjoyed in the traditional Lithuanian pirtis (pirtis is a lithuanian version of Sauna), which is heated by a periodic furnace. This type of sauna has long been called „white“. The temperature in the bath is always comfortable, you will have warm, pleasant sensations caused by the forever moving steam. In the Sauna, you can experience a body scrub, traditional lithuanian „Tree branches“ massage, masks, music and aroma therapy. Lithuanian sauna society gave our sauna the highest rating.

After finishing enjoying the sauna, you will have a great rest in the surroundings of nature, on the spacious terrace or in the lounge. You can play beach volleyball with your friends. There is all the necessary kitchen equipment, as well as barbecue grills.

In the farmstead „Raudonkalnis“ educational bath programs as well as individual massages are performed. For more details, see the „Bath Program“ section.

We are pleased to welcome you!

More information can be found in our Facebook page and on the website of the Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association.

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